Hands On Lab: Introduction to Windows® 8 Development - C#
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Microsoft -> Windows Metro style Apps

Курс: 40026
Hands On Lab: Introduction to Windows® 8 Development - C#

Вендор: Microsoft


дн. | 4 а. ч.

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Цель курса:

This three hour Hands On Lab (HOL), will introduce developers to the tools and techniques for creating Window 8 (Metro) applications using C#/XAML. It will outline The Windows 8 platform, Metro-Style guidelines, Windows 8 contracts, tiles and notifications, and the Windows store.


NOTE: This lab is based on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview release of Windows 8 and Consumer Preview release of Visual Studio. The subsequent releases of Microsoft products could include updates that are not represented in this training product.

После окончания курса Вы будете уметь:

After completing this Hands On Lab, students will be able to:

  • Use the Windows 8 Start screen
  • Run apps using tiles
  • Use the Charms bar
  • Examine Metro style apps and their design
  • Create a Grid Application
  • Create a Split Application
  • Explore how the WinRT Library is used
  • Explore how Search Contract is integrated 
  • Explore how Share Contract is integrated
  • Explore how Settings Contract is integrated
  • Explore how Live Tiles are used in a Metro style app
  • Explore how Toast Notifications are used in a Metro style app
  • Explore the Microsoft Store
  • Create a trail version to a Metro style app



NOTE: The Hands-on Lab exercises guide you through few sample apps in Windows 8 SDK. You will review some of the sample code and see how a particular feature has been implemented. This allows you to focus on areas that you are most interested in for your application and customize accordingly. Work with your instructor on what is important to you. To use your time wisely and learn further, you can use other functioning apps available in the SDK.

Предварительная подготовка:

Before attending this Hands On Lab, students must have:

  • Modern graphical interfaces knowledge
  • Object Oriented Programming knowledge
  • Simple data access (CRUD) knowledge

·  General understanding of the Visual Studio IDE

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