Hands On Lab: Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals
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Курс: 40031
Hands On Lab: Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals

Вендор: Microsoft


1 дн. | 4 а. ч.

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Цель курса:
This three-hour Microsoft Official Hands on Lab provides hands-on experience with key technologies in Windows 8.1 The lab provides an overview of Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 including integrated cloud services and domain services, mobility advancements, installation requirements, device considerations, customization options, local and remote management tools, security options, mobile device management integration, and synchronization with other PCs and devices within or outside a Windows Server domain. This lab uses the Enterprise Edition of Windows 8.1. No topic is covered in depth, but students will finish the lab sessions with an understanding of the new features and capabilities of Windows 8.1 and related services and administration tools. There is a corresponding Microsoft First Look Clinic, 40030C, that can accompany this Hands on Labs session.

Целевая аудитория:
This HOL is intended for IT Professionals who are interested in learning about the new features and functionality in Windows 8.1. It is technical content for Technical people and provides a good overview of some of the related technologies and features in Windows Server 2012. People who are key influencers and technology decision makers in an IT organization will also be interested in attending this HOL, and will benefit from gaining early insight into some of the latest technologies included in Windows 8.1. In general, early adopters of new technology or people looking to gain early insight into new functionality in Windows 8.1 will benefit from attending this HOL.

После окончания курса Вы будете уметь:

  • Navigate the new Windows 8.1 user interface
  • Administer Windows 8.1
  • Secure Windows 8.1
  • Implement virtualization in Windows 8.1

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