Developing Business Process and Integration Solutions by Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010
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Developing Business Process and Integration Solutions by Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010
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5 дн. | 40 а. ч.

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MCTS: Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010

Цель курса:
This instructor-led course provides enterprise team members with the knowledge and skills to begin design and deployment of messaging systems built on the Microsoft BizTalk Server platform. The course covers material relevant both to developers and to network administrators. The material is arranged so that administrators may attend only the first 2-1/2 days. Developers and designers must attend all five days.

Целевая аудитория:
This course is intended for solution architects, developers, and network administrators who are entering the world of Microsoft® BizTalk® Server business process and integration solutions.

После окончания курса Вы будете уметь:

  • Understand the BizTalk Server architecture and the SOA environment.
  • Understand the services and tools provided in BizTalk Server.
  • Install BizTalk Server 2010 on a computer.
  • Understand BizTalk Server infrastructure and scaling.
  • Understand BizTalk Server operations and management.
  • Understand BizTalk Server message tracking.
  • Understand building and deployment of BizTalk Server 2010 applications.
  • Understand the creation and use of schemas for XML and flat-file messages.
  • Configure BizTalk Server adapters to communicate with other systems.
  • Create BizTalk maps and map logic for transformation of messages.
  • Build a message-processing application using BizTalk Server facilities..
  • Create orchestrations to automate business processes.
  • Understand transaction handling in the BizTalk Server environment.
  • Configure BizTalk to consume and publish WCF services.
  • Understand BizTalk message flow design patterns
  • Utilize the BizTalk Server Business Rules engine.
  • Implement BizTalk Server Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).
  • Process EDI transactions using BizTalk Server 2010 EDI facilities.

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